The LED Lighting Division works with our partner, Florida Power & Light to reduce power consumption in cities and neighborhoods by converting overhead street lighting to LED. Crews remove older style sodium vapor and metal halide fixtures and replace with newer LED fixtures. These fixtures require less amp draw and less energy in addition to having a longer life expectancy which creates less impact on the environment. These fixtures are also equipped with Radio Frequency photocells which allows the light to turn on at dusk and off at dawn. Additionally, these “smart cells” allow FPL to monitor an individual light’s performance (much like the smart meters on our home) and will report any problems or issues with the light. When there is a problem, a restoration crew can be dispatched to resolve the issue resulting in fewer outages or “day burners” which waste energy.
In addition to these conversions, our LED Division installs new LED lighting systems in new developments and neighborhoods throughout southwest Florida. Using the latest technology and quality materials, these low energy consumption lighting systems not only look great and improve safety in neighborhoods but are also better for our environment. A+ is proud to continue this partnership with FPL to improve our communities and environment through LED lighting.

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