A + Environmental Restoration takes the outcome of our work very seriously. To deliver the high quality results we are known for, we place an emphasis on safety and keeping a vigilant mind while working.

Great organizations are built with great people, excellent work, and a culture of safety
A+ Environmental Restoration, LLC understands the importance of safety on all project sites. A+ Environmental Restoration has an experience modification rate (EMR) of 0.72. We carry such a low EMR score because we conduct safety meetings on a daily basis and communicate the importance of being aware of our surroundings while onsite. We understand the harsh conditions that come with working within the rough Florida terrain. All our crews have vast amounts of experience with working in these conditions. We diligently keep an eye on the weather and understand the importance of working as a team while working onsite. All crews are supplied with the necessary personal safety equipment needed to complete the work.
All of our trucks and utility vehicles will be equipped with a MSDS book, spill kit, first-aid kit, and fire extinguisher. Although we take the necessary precautions to prevent chemical spills, each crew will be provided a spill kit for any incidents that may occur.
A+ Environmental Restoration, LLC knows the importance of having proper processes and procedures to get projects accomplished in the most effective and efficient manner. We conduct regular Toolbox Talks onsite to relay our daily goals and to also go over proper safety protocols for the day. We strive to keep our employees safe and happy which will allow them to perform at their best and allow us to achieve customer satisfaction.
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A + Environmental Restoration is confident we can and will meet all expectations when it comes to safety, which is why we are currently listed on ISNetworld. We are proud to say that we carry "A' ratings in all categories. Anyone looking to hire us can use ISNetworld to view our qualifications and safety standards and then compare them with what they require. We encourage anyone to use this program and see just how serious we are about our culture of safety.
We ensure all of our employees are able to keep their mind sharp on the worksite by having a strict zero tolerance drug policy. Any employee suspected to be under the influence of mind altering or illegal substances will be immediately drug tested. Failed drug test or refusal to comply will result in termination.
Safety Training Compliance & Quality Assurance
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Employee safety is the top priority for A+ Environmental Restoration!
A+ Environmental Restoration collaborates with Vivid Learning Systems to deliver quality safety training to all employees, in an effort to sustain high safety awareness and compliance levels.
The federal Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) requires all employers to provide training to each employee on certain health & safety topics and with specific frequency.
The type of training assigned to employees is determined by occupational hazard exposure, industry best practices, state or federal law, and employer emphasis. Employees of A+ Environmental Restoration often receive a training combination of OSHA 1910.269, OSHA General Industry, and specialty courses such as National Fire Protection Association 70E.
A+ Environmental Restoration offers our clients the following guarantees:
All employees of A+ Environmental Restoration receive the most appropriate mix of safety training based on individual roles and responsibilities.
All employees of A+ Environmental Restoration must successfully complete assigned safety training courses within the standard for compliance.
All employees of A+ Environmental Restoration must demonstrate safety knowledge and proficiency.
Documentation of employee safety training, or proof of training, may be available on request, and limited to training performance, training history, and training certificates.

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