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Environmental Restoration
What It Is:
Environmental Restoration is the practice of supporting and renewing our natural ecosystems. We work hard to innovate and integrate environmentally sustainable methods into utility construction and maintenance.
How It Helps:
The importance of maintaining balance in ecosystems and habitats across the world cannot be overstated as it has long lasting effects that can change the lives of every living organism on the planet.
We approach our projects from an environmental and value engineered culture. From lower impact construction to native plant restoration, our team has the expertise and scale to accomplish amazing milestones for nature and mankind.

Integrated Vegetation Management
What It Is:
Integrated Solar Management is another facet of A + Environmental Restoration's commitment to solar power. We maintain the vegetation on solar fields. Using A + Environmental Restoration instead of a traditional mowing service is that we do this in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Our Solar Vegetation Management teams utilize a combination of sheep and specialized equipment to keep thousands of acres of solar fields green with the least impact on nature.
How It Helps:
We believe in using means that are sustainable and practical while respecting and maintaining the land. Having sheep on the field helps tremendously by cutting down on carbon emissions caused by gas powered mowers. Viable solar fields are very large and the amount of mowing that would need to be done on a regular basis really adds up over time. Solar power is environmentally friendly and our integrated vegetation management carries that even further.

Utility Scale Solar Operations & Maintenance
What It Is:
Our electrical division staff are trained to repair any facet of technology on a solar field including: D.C. field troubleshooting as well as inverter and mechanical systems maintenance. We are licensed and certified to perform all utility scale solar repairs and maintenance.
How It Helps:
Solar power has the potential to help the environment in enormous ways by helping to reduce our need for fossil fuels.

Hydro Excavation
What It Is:
Hydro Excavation is a method of digging and moving soil that uses high pressure water instead of conventional methods, along with a high powered vacuum used to suck up the debris and excess soil while transferring it to a debris tank.
How It Helps:
Using this method helps the environment in a variety of ways. First hydro excavation is more precise when compared to conventional excavation methods. This is important because it prevents the soil and vegetation from sustaining more damage than necessary while getting the job done with high quality results. Second using hydro powered devices to dig helps avoid the damage caused by older means, which uses large machinery. Hydro excavation is much more accurate, it helps prevent accidental damage to underground utilities. This helps the environment in a preventative way because when a pipe or electrical line is damaged underground with less accurate means it causes more work to be done to repair the damage.

Access Matting
What It Is:
Access matting is the deployment of portable platforms that are used to support large machinery, mainly in construction and can be used to protect soil from any large/heavy vehicles. These portable platforms are laid out across the land as a barrier and they absorb the weight and damage that would normally have to be beared by the soil and vegetation.
How It Helps:
We here at A + Environmental Restoration know that the use of heavy equipment is unavoidable in numerous situations which is why we provide this service. By laying out access mats the ground is protected from cranes, bulldozers, and trailers carrying supplies just to name a few. Keeping the land safe and in its natural state is the best management practice.

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