Our environmental restoration division is where we started, it’s our namesake so we take it very seriously. Our leadership team takes an innovative approach to every project. We strategize using effective and efficient communication which allows us to complete projects on-time and under budget. Our streamlined operations and dedicated employees have paved the way for our continued growth.
A+ Environmental Restoration, LLC is fortunate to have 100+ well-trained, experienced crew. Their extensive knowledge and our bottom-up management style allows us to successfully provide a wide variety of land restoration services. Our ultimate goal is to restore and protect our land for future generations to enjoy. Please be sure to check out our Environmental Impact page to see how these services help the Earth and our local ecosystems.
Exotic / Nuisance / Invasive Vegetation Removal
Environmental Compliance for Permitting
Erosion Control and Turbidity Barriers
Licensed Herbicide Applicators
Natural / Conservation / Preserve / Wetland Mitigation-Area Maintenance
Selective Tree Clearing
Clearing / Grubbing / Mechanical Mulching
Wetland / Preserve Native Planting
Landscaping and Irrigation
Lake / Pond Beautification
Shoreline / Beach Planting
Canal Embankment Clearing and Restoration

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